Saturday, November 17, 2012

Getting up to date! (news, basically everything)

Okay, so this time, im gonna tell you what platforms this will be playable on, release dates, and some other stuff!

Lets start with the platforms!
windows-of course, PC's will be able to get this games!
mac- and yes, for all the mac lovers, this game will be available for mac!
iphone- after then initial release, me and my team will look into whether a iphone release is possible!
android- and hopefully, if the iphone release if feasible, you android's will get it too!

release dates:

1. finish creating the 'good' campaigns and its missions:mid-late december
2. finish creating the 'evil' campaigns and its missions:early february
3. flesh out both as much as possible including many side missions:end of march
4. give beta-testers their copy:end of march
5. using their feedback, clean up the game, release a 'pre-release':early April
6.using feed back from pre-release, edit game to tailor to what the user's would like added:late April
7.release a finished game (for PC and hopefully Mac)!: early May
8.If possible, make game compatible with android and iphone.:June-July (depending on the difficulty to do so)

okay so, what else is there to tell you? Oh yeah!
the 'raptor development' team! (moddb names used)
lead/head- u-raptor (me)
artists- Michael_Sama, Dr.Freakman
creative head/story writing- ghost59
beta testers- 10n3w01f, avenger2150 (we could always use more beta testers!!!)

Getting up to date! (Videos, sprites galore!)

Hey everyone, time for another 'up-to-date' (this will be a series)
This time, videos, and sprites!
well...houston, we have a problem! It may seem  blogger doesnt like my videos, so check it out at this link!

Now for some sprites! 
If you like them and want to use them in you own games, just download them from moddb, and give me some credit!(and yes, i did create these)
the good 'ol flower sprout! (and yes, it was created with MS paint!)
cant forget about the haunted spear, every good RPG has one!
where would we be without the evil flying eyeball?
Thanks for following my game, hopefully you all will enjoy it!

getting a bit up to date (screen shots!)

Okay, so lets get you up to date!

Lets start with some screen shots!
this is a great sketch by one of our two artists, 'Dr.Freakman' (moddb name)
heres a great sketch by our other artist, Michael_Sama (moddb name)
The menu!
Heres a WIP (work in progress) of the two continents that make up the world of Gaea, the top continent hosts the humans, the bottom, the demons!

and the final screen shot (view more at our moddb page!), a beautiful battle background by an artist by the name of Antares!

Soul Reaper the PC Game!

Hey everyone, some of you must be wondering, whats that?!
Well, Soul Reaper is a RPG PC game, coming out in 2013. The game sets you in the world of gaea, where you are tasked to choose form two sides. The demons, or the knights. Your descisions will shape what happens, as you watch the history of Gaea unfold before you! From the beginning, you can choose to be a Knight of Gaea, in which you do quests for the king, and eventually may rank up to be the king! If you become a demon, you start off as a lowly grunt, but rank up to be the demon overlord. Featuring a deep story of conflict and great and numerous side missions. You decide the fate of Gaea, your choice, whats your morality?

Want to see more?

Check out our moddb page:

or our main site: